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Club History

1946 Howe of Fife formed in merger with Cupar

1951 Moved to Duffus Park

1958 New Pavilion built

1959 Howe's first cap Dave Rollo debut for Scotland

1967 New premises in Provost Wynd became Howe clubrooms

1976 a new 250 seater grandstand opened

2016 moved to the current clubhouse at Duffus Park

Dave Rollo

My first knowledge of the Howe was at school, where I played football. In 1953-4 local farmer Willie Bell wanted me to come in a watch a game he was playing in. I watched for 10-15 minutes, wasn’t too impressed and went home.

I did go back and to play for the 2nd XV against Perthshire, my first time ever in the front row. Not knowing the rules, our captain filled me in as the game went on! In 1954 I attended the AGM, and learnt coming back from some matches, you did not always get home the same day as the game!

Howe have always been great tourists. In 1959 I joined a group of 30, all clad in kilts and duffle coats. Travelling in a Dakota from Edinburgh we sat on our hand luggage on the floor. Someone decided to open a window. As it was pressure controlled we returned to the airport before continuing our flight.

At Duffus it is always rousing to hear the war cry ‘Howe, Howe, Howe’. In 1959 playing for Scotland in Ireland we won 6-5 and members of the Howe carried me off the pitch, shouting ‘Howe, Howe, Howe’.

I have been a member of the Howe for 64 years, it is a club steeped in tradition, rugby history, and progressive development. Like my own introduction to rugby, it offers opportunity to experience this great game to those who wish to play, coach, referee, administrate and support.

Dave Rollo, Howe Legend, 40 caps

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